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Friday, 12 August 2022

Top 5 Luxurious perfumed Candles by Ekam.

Top 5 Luxurious perfumed Candles by Ekam.


Scent is veritably nearly tied to our memory and candle is really a symbol of luxuriousness. This is the reason, you notice the ubiquitous candles every time you enter the lobby of a gym, partake regale at a romantic eatery or visit a well- done home. perfumed candles always hold a special significance far and wide. 

We all love those various lovely candles, spreading amazing aromas and creating a room- filling terrain around us. They cherish the air by giving our body an extraordinary sense of calm. The fluttering dears fully change the appearance of our innards; they can change our moods with their alluring aromas and on top of that, they express our personality. 

Ekam has a very wide range of the scented candles for the every room and the every occasion. Let us have a look on the top five scented candles from the Ekam’s collection. 

1. Cute Cookie Jar Candles. 

Ekam Cookie Jar Candles are one of the most appreciated candles by the guests. The various scented wax are invested in an enough little cookie jar which steals everyone’s attention with its beautiful appearance. Eleven absorbing aromas, each with different alluring colours are perfect to light up anytime at any room. 


2. Luxurious Lampshade Candles. 

Perfumed wax- filled jars with various tones on it are the most unique candles by Ekam. These candles are respected for their beautiful design and awful spices. Light up and embellish your room, they will always give a luxurious touch to the interior. 


3. Premium Soya Candles. 

These candles are created from decoration soya wax which is reused from soya bean oil painting. The classic outlook and loftiest quality of the candles make them posh among all. The sluggishly moving and calming aroma of our hand soya candles will round your home scenery, giving it a lavish look. 

4. Beautiful Mango Papaya 4 Pack Shot Glass

Mango Papaya is complimented by the scent suckers as it's the most beguiling and nostalgic aroma bone can have. This 4 pack shot glass candles are a set of four little glass jar candles, invested with mango- papaya scent, which can be the stylish gift to give.  

5. Amping Jasmine Wax Melts.

Now when we're talking about stylish scented candles, we can not forget the wax melts that can be used in both jar candles and oil painting warmers; whichever you prefer. These fresh flowery scented wax melts dwindle all the stresses and enhance your mood when they melt sluggishly to spread bewitching aroma.

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