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Friday, 29 July 2022

Xiaomi miui 14 update every effects you need to know.

 Xiaomi miui 14 update every effects you need to know.


MIUI 14 features and supported bias have been leak audio upgrades, new announcements, andanti-fraud protection are anticipate. 

Xiaomi’s forthcoming software interpretation MIUI 14, was leak before its sanctioned release. still, the blurted screenshots reveal some features and a list of bias that the update will support. 

The Chinese tech mammoth has n’t verified anything about MIUI 14, but a report from Xiaomi has revealed the essential details. 

MIUI 13 was release nearly a time ago, and now MIUI 14 has leak and is set to debut on August 16, the 12th anniversary of MIUI. In addition, the new MIUI will be grounded on the forthcoming Android 13, with a slew of advancements and features. 

 MIUI 14 compatible bias. 

 According to the list, the Xiaomi 13, 12, and 11 series will also be eligible for the MIUI 14. The Xiaomi MI 11 series and the Xiaomi Mix 4 and Mi 10 series will admit the MIUI 14 update. Away from that, the Xiaomi Pad 5 will be eligible for the most recent custom skin. 

In terms of Redmi bias, the Note 11, 10, and 9 series and the Redmi K 50, K 40, and K 30 series will be compatible with the forthcoming MIUI 14. 


MIUI 14 will be available for the Poco smartphones, including the Poco M, C, F, and the X series. 

 Likewise, bias running Android 11 and MIUI 13 won't be eligible for MIUI 14 updates. 

Bluetooth LE Audio, the coming elaboration of wireless audio, will be support. It includes a new high- quality codec and support for Aura cast broadcasting, which allows a single device to serve as an FM radio station to which multiple supported headphones can hear. likewise,Multi-Stream will be suitable to shoot audio to both TWS kids contemporaneously( current TWS headsets have a central cub, which connects to the secondary cub). 

MIUI 14 will also include enhanced anti-fraud protection, which will flag suspicious calls, dispatches, and apps.

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