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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Jawed Kareem Net Worth 2022: Lessons from YouTube Founder.

Jawed Kareem Net Worth 2022: Lessons from YouTube Founder.


 1. Be the first. 

 As the old byword goes, “ the early raspberry gets the worm. ” 

By being the first to take action, you open up openings for yourself and pave the way for others. 

That’s exactly what Jawed Kareem did. He was the bone who developed the YouTube conception and enciphered the Drive interpretation of YouTube which was launched in 2005. 

Jawed was the FIRST person to upload a videotape on YouTube. 

The first- ever videotape uploaded on YouTube was named “ Me at the Zoo ” by Jawed; 

Notice the views on the videotape? It generated over 226 million views and brought 11 million likes so far. 

There will always be those who try to hold you back, but you must noway give up. 

 2. Speak your mind. 

Don’t be hysterical to partake your opinions. ALWAYS speak your mind. 

On several occasions, Jawed blamed opinions made by YouTube. He used his ONLY published YouTube videotape as a armament to partake his opinions. 

He also blamed the decision of YouTube to remove the dislikes button on vids. And, he posted a detailed description of his opinion on removing the dislikes button on his videotape.


3. Keep a low profile. 

 Just Imagine you're only 25 times old but have$ 64 million in your bank account. 

What would you do? utmost people would pay off their debts and retire to an islet. Some people might indeed show off by copping precious buses , houses, etc. 

But Kareem did n’t do that. He kept a low profile and launched a adventure fund called University gambles in 2008. University Ventures is now known as Y gambles. 

Kareem was only 27 times old when YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and he entered$ 64 million worth of shares( those shares are worth further than$ 500 million moment). 

 4. Invest beforehand. 

Jawed Kareem the co-founder of the YouTube is one of the Airbnb’s first investors. He invested in the company back in 2009, when it was just a incipient. Now , Airbnb is worth over$ 104 billion. 

Kareem's adventure fund “ Y Ventures ” has also invested in the Palantir, Reddit, and the Event brite. still, do n’t stay too long, If you ’re allowing about investing in a incipient.


5. Be patient. 

Kareem's story is also a memorial of the significance of continuity. 

When he first started working on YouTube, it was just a side design. But he continued to work on it and ultimately turned it into a successful business. 

So if you want to produce wealth like Jawed, be patient and do n’t give up. 


 6. The power of cooperation. 

Kareem's success at YouTube also highlights the significance of cooperation. He and his co-founders were suitable to take a simple idea and turn it into a global miracle. This would not have been possible without the help of their platoon. 


 7. Learn and apply. 

While at Stanford, Jawed Kareem worked on a number of exploration systems, including one that studied mortal- computer commerce. 

jawed Kareem's work on mortal- computer commerce shows the value of exploration. 

He was suitable to take his findings and apply them to the development of YouTube. This made the point more stoner-friendly and helped it grow in fashion ability.

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