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Friday, 29 July 2022

Xiaomi miui 14 update every effects you need to know.

 Xiaomi miui 14 update every effects you need to know.


MIUI 14 features and supported bias have been leak audio upgrades, new announcements, andanti-fraud protection are anticipate. 

Xiaomi’s forthcoming software interpretation MIUI 14, was leak before its sanctioned release. still, the blurted screenshots reveal some features and a list of bias that the update will support. 

The Chinese tech mammoth has n’t verified anything about MIUI 14, but a report from Xiaomi has revealed the essential details. 

MIUI 13 was release nearly a time ago, and now MIUI 14 has leak and is set to debut on August 16, the 12th anniversary of MIUI. In addition, the new MIUI will be grounded on the forthcoming Android 13, with a slew of advancements and features. 

 MIUI 14 compatible bias. 

 According to the list, the Xiaomi 13, 12, and 11 series will also be eligible for the MIUI 14. The Xiaomi MI 11 series and the Xiaomi Mix 4 and Mi 10 series will admit the MIUI 14 update. Away from that, the Xiaomi Pad 5 will be eligible for the most recent custom skin. 

In terms of Redmi bias, the Note 11, 10, and 9 series and the Redmi K 50, K 40, and K 30 series will be compatible with the forthcoming MIUI 14. 


MIUI 14 will be available for the Poco smartphones, including the Poco M, C, F, and the X series. 

 Likewise, bias running Android 11 and MIUI 13 won't be eligible for MIUI 14 updates. 

Bluetooth LE Audio, the coming elaboration of wireless audio, will be support. It includes a new high- quality codec and support for Aura cast broadcasting, which allows a single device to serve as an FM radio station to which multiple supported headphones can hear. likewise,Multi-Stream will be suitable to shoot audio to both TWS kids contemporaneously( current TWS headsets have a central cub, which connects to the secondary cub). 

MIUI 14 will also include enhanced anti-fraud protection, which will flag suspicious calls, dispatches, and apps.

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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Jawed Kareem Net Worth 2022: Lessons from YouTube Founder.

Jawed Kareem Net Worth 2022: Lessons from YouTube Founder.


 1. Be the first. 

 As the old byword goes, “ the early raspberry gets the worm. ” 

By being the first to take action, you open up openings for yourself and pave the way for others. 

That’s exactly what Jawed Kareem did. He was the bone who developed the YouTube conception and enciphered the Drive interpretation of YouTube which was launched in 2005. 

Jawed was the FIRST person to upload a videotape on YouTube. 

The first- ever videotape uploaded on YouTube was named “ Me at the Zoo ” by Jawed; 

Notice the views on the videotape? It generated over 226 million views and brought 11 million likes so far. 

There will always be those who try to hold you back, but you must noway give up. 

 2. Speak your mind. 

Don’t be hysterical to partake your opinions. ALWAYS speak your mind. 

On several occasions, Jawed blamed opinions made by YouTube. He used his ONLY published YouTube videotape as a armament to partake his opinions. 

He also blamed the decision of YouTube to remove the dislikes button on vids. And, he posted a detailed description of his opinion on removing the dislikes button on his videotape.


3. Keep a low profile. 

 Just Imagine you're only 25 times old but have$ 64 million in your bank account. 

What would you do? utmost people would pay off their debts and retire to an islet. Some people might indeed show off by copping precious buses , houses, etc. 

But Kareem did n’t do that. He kept a low profile and launched a adventure fund called University gambles in 2008. University Ventures is now known as Y gambles. 

Kareem was only 27 times old when YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and he entered$ 64 million worth of shares( those shares are worth further than$ 500 million moment). 

 4. Invest beforehand. 

Jawed Kareem the co-founder of the YouTube is one of the Airbnb’s first investors. He invested in the company back in 2009, when it was just a incipient. Now , Airbnb is worth over$ 104 billion. 

Kareem's adventure fund “ Y Ventures ” has also invested in the Palantir, Reddit, and the Event brite. still, do n’t stay too long, If you ’re allowing about investing in a incipient.


5. Be patient. 

Kareem's story is also a memorial of the significance of continuity. 

When he first started working on YouTube, it was just a side design. But he continued to work on it and ultimately turned it into a successful business. 

So if you want to produce wealth like Jawed, be patient and do n’t give up. 


 6. The power of cooperation. 

Kareem's success at YouTube also highlights the significance of cooperation. He and his co-founders were suitable to take a simple idea and turn it into a global miracle. This would not have been possible without the help of their platoon. 


 7. Learn and apply. 

While at Stanford, Jawed Kareem worked on a number of exploration systems, including one that studied mortal- computer commerce. 

jawed Kareem's work on mortal- computer commerce shows the value of exploration. 

He was suitable to take his findings and apply them to the development of YouTube. This made the point more stoner-friendly and helped it grow in fashion ability.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Japan puts 3330 kg turbine in ocean, discovers new way to induce electricity

Japan puts 3330 kg turbine in ocean, discovers new way to induce electricity. 


Scientists say that the ocean holds immense energy, like nothing on Earth. Now Japan has allowed of collecting and using this ocean energy. For this, Japan is going to leave a huge 330- ton turbine power creator at the bottom of the ocean. This giant turbine creator can sustain the most important ocean swells and convert the energy contained in these swells into an unlimited power force. 

His name is Karyo. It's also named on the same lines which means ocean surge. Its structure is 20 measures long in the shape of an aeroplane.

It's girdled by two cylinders and both are of equal size. Each cylinder has a power generation system connected to 11 cadence long turbine blades. 

It's manufactured by Ishiquajima Harima Heavy diligence, also known as IHI Corporation. The company had been experimenting with it for over 10 times. In 2017 he partnered with the New Energy Industrial Technology Development Organization to test his conception. 

The establishment completed a3.5- time-long aquatic test in the ocean off southwest Japan in February 2022. The machine is said to be functional in 2030. The device is designed in such a way that it'll automatically descry which is the most suitable place to induce electricity. Japan relies on reactionary energy significances to induce utmost of its electricity. 

Japan has a long bank. The ocean rotates to the eastward under the force of the North Pacific Cycloid. When it meets the cycloid Japan, it forms the Kuroshio Current, a important current. IHI estimates that if the energy contained in this current is exercised, it could produce about 205 gigawatts of electricity, which is about the same as the country’s current generating capacity. 

The Kero is designed to float up to 50 measures below the swells. This generates the necessary necklace for the turbine as it travels with the swells to shore. Each of its blades rotates in contrary directions to keep the machine stationary. 

Cairo is said to induce 100 kilowatts of electricity with a inflow of two to four knots( about one to two measures per second). Compared to coastal wind turbines that induce3.6 megawatts of electricity, that seems enough low.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

10 Popular Indian Dishes that are world famous

 10 Popular Indian Dishes that are world notorious.


 Indian dishes strike a delicate balance between sweet and racy; thus, tempting numerous palates and getting more and more popular for dine- in and take- out cookery. Whether you prefer submissive, meat- grounded refections, your taste runs to mild chow, or you crave dishes with some heat, there's nearly always an Indian dish to please your taste kids. 

1. Samosa.


 This succulent option is a food that indeed those new to Indian cuisine may have tried. As a fried dough fund filled with tasteful constituents similar as potato, onion, spices, and peas, samosas are frequently eaten as snacks in India. They're especially succulent when outgunned with gravies or chutneys. 


 2. Dal Soup.


 Still, especially submissive bones

 , also you must try a coliseum of dal, If you're a addict of mists. Dal is a comforting lentil- grounded haze that has been enhanced with sauces and spices. This haze feels warming in the downtime months and cools during the summer, making it a popular choice with numerous haze suckers. 


 3. Curry.

 Curry is one of India’s most popular and well- known dishes. Tomato- grounded curries are known as the ultimate comfort food in India, and countries each over the world have espoused this opinion too. Curry spices are added to sizzling aromatics with other constituents also added in, stewing together until the flavors combine in perfect harmony. Particularly succulent when outgunned over rice, there's a wide range of curry options to choose from, similar as angel, funk, fish, or shrimp. 

 4. Tandoori Chicken.


 The only dish that’s presumably more popular than this bone

 would be funk tikka, but indeed also it’s a close call. Tandoori funk’s juicy thickness and mouthwatering spices make it a classic that noway really goes out of style and always manages to make new suckers with each serving. 

 still, you may want to start with tandoori funk for its universal appeal, If you're new to Indian food. The funk is marinated in constituents similar as yogurt, gusto, garlic, and sauces, and also ignited in a complexion roaster, creating a juicy and succulent flavor. Seafood suckers frequently conclude for shrimp or fish tandoori, and those who are indecisive can find comfort in the tandoori mixed caff

 , combining funk, shrimp, fish, and angel into one savory mess. 

 5. Tandoori Fish.


 When allowing of tandoor- style dishes, fish isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. Yet tandoori fish is clearly a different type of mess, one not frequently represented in Indian cookery. What the cuisine process does for other flesh works just as well for fish, conducting flavor and spice in equal measure. 

6. Biryani.


 Every cookery seems to have its own special rice dish ― for Indians; this dish is biryani. The donation of Biryani not only looks beautiful but has an addicting characteristic, earning it lots of addicts. Its blooming flavors and ethereal rice are enhanced by vegetables and occasionally flesh, making it a favorite for insectivores and meat suckers likewise. 


 7. Masala.


Masala marries the medication of tandoori cuisine with a sauce that's analogous to ― but thicker than ― a curry. The delicate sauce is so addicting that masala suckers order it whenever they visit Little India. Plus with the option of shrimp, fish, funk, or angel, why not try a different one with each visit? 


 8. Naan.


 Naan is a succulent chuck

 frequently used to sop up the numerous luscious gravies in popular Indian dishes. The simplicity of this puffed chuck

 dyads wonderfully with numerous Indian food fashions. Some people will indeed choose to eat naan rather of rice with their refections. 

 9. gusto funk Kabob.


 How can you make the tandoori funk indeed more? Change up the condiment, giving it an redundant kick with a gusto mint sauce, and suddenly you have a new favorite dish. This particular dish is one that you ’re not likely to find anywhere outside of Little India, and we ’re certain that it’s presumably one of our dainty creations to date. 

10. Lamb Chops.


 You might not inescapably consider angel chops to be a specifically Indian dish. But when we throw them into the tandoor roaster with our usual condiment, they come the kind of angel chops that you did n’t indeed know you wanted. We ’re sure you ’ll want another helping of these succulent chops, combined with a pungent masala sauce and a fresh side salad, the coming time you visit.

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Friday, 22 July 2022

Top 10 Popular Bird Sanctuary In India

Top 10 Popular Bird Sanctuaries In India.

Welcome, to all the bird lovers! Today is all about you. Today we are going to visit the top 10 fascinating bird sanctuaries of India. And our list includes all the largest bird sanctuary in India as well as the first-ever built in the country!

Before we dive into the list, here is something you may want to know. You can visit the bird sanctuary or even the wildlife sanctuary in India any time of the year. But to get the best experience, we recommend you to explore them during the winter season. That is because that in this season you will also get to watch the migratory birds.

Now, take a look at the list and see which one you think is the best bird sanctuary in India and which one you are going to visit first! Whichever you decide to visit, here are the best flight and the hotel deals to help you to plan the trip!

1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan.

The first bird sanctuary in India on our list takes us to the Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Yes, we are talking about the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Keoladeo National Park, which is now its present name! Here, you will get to see more than the 360 species of the birds. The Cranes, pelicans, geese, ducks, eagles, hawks, shanks, buntings, larks, and the pipits are some of them! We know you will be busy with all those birds, but also notice the natural beauty of this place, which is really beautiful! If you are planning to visit, the best way to reach this sanctuary will be by flight to Delhi and then a bus to Bharatpur!

2. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Haryana.

This is the another fine bird sanctuary in India for the bird lovers and also for all the nature  lovers. This sanctuary is the home to 250 species of the birds. And yes, a huge number of the migratory birds come from all over the world to this sanctuary every winter. A few of the birds you are sure to find here are black-necked stork, white-throated kingfisher, great egret, and the red collared dove. Here is that how you can plan a visit. Take the flight to the Delhi and from there a taxi will bring you here!

3. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa.

 The bird sanctuary is located among the mangroves. After your flight to Goa, you can reach there by the boat. Once you reach there, you surely will get lost in its greenery and the scenic view. Coming to the birds! Here you will get to see the Malabar trogons, drongos, cormorants, sandpipers, purple herons, woodpeckers, white egrets, curlews, and the kites among many others! Do you know this sanctuary has also a great spot for the mating of the birds because of its thriving ecosystem? Well, now you do!

4. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala.

This lush green sanctuary is the home to a lot of the seasonal birds. And during winter you would be spellbound by the thousands of the migratory birds coming over to this sanctuary from Siberia and the Himalayas. Here are some of the birds which you can see all the year round! which are Paradise flycatchers, golden back woodpeckers, and brahminy kites! Take our advice and go to boating. Watching the water birds while boating is one of the best things to do in the Kumarakom. We are sure that you are also excited to be here. And for that, all you gotta do is take a flight to Kochi and then followed by a cab to Kumarakom!

5. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu.

We said the first bird sanctuary in India that would be on the list, here it is! Board a flight to Chennai, then take a cab to Vedanthangal, and you will be at this oldest bird sanctuary. Let us dig into the fascinating history about this place. It was a hunting ground for the lords during the 18th century which is why it is known as ‘hamlet of the hunters’. In the year 1938, a hunting ground was turned into this beautiful bird sanctuary. Now, let’s see what birds you can find here.The Grey pelican, snake bird, spot bill duck, and spoonbill duck are some of the birds you can see here! And also, over 40000 migratory birds visit here during winters!

6. Kaundinya Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh.

This biodiversity spot is the favorite for all the nature lovers. And it will become your favorite too because it is the home to vivid and colorful species of birds and animals. Along with a plethora of the wildlife, you will also be welcomed by the sheer beauty of the sanctuary. You are apprenticed to fall in love with this sanctuary once you will see all the lovely birds nesting in their natural habitat and chirping happily. Make sure that you get a glimpse of the grey pelicans, rosy pelicans, and budgerigars when you visit. Remember, the nearest airport to this sanctuary is in the Bangalore and from there, you have to take the roadways to get here! And here are some amazing deals on the flights to Bangalore for you.

7. Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary, Orissa.

You have probably heard about the Chilka lake, the largest saltwater lagoon in Asia. Well, it is also the home to a lot of the rare and the exotic water birds. Board a flight to Bhubaneswar. From there, take a bus, taxi or train to the sanctuary. Once you are here, you can go to bird watching on a boat on this lake and be amazed by the enchanting landscape. We know you are wondering; you can spot white-bellied sea eagles, purple moorhen, jacana, and grey lag geese here. The one bird you cannot miss out on is the popular flamingo. Because Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is the largest breeding home for these pink flamingos in the entire world!

8. Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Gujarat.

Are you planning for a vacation in Gujarat? Then board a flight to Bhuj and make sure to visit the Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. You would find more than 250 species of bird here. Out of which the largest in number are the Indian Bustard. These neutral-coloured birds with lock necks look absolutely stunning when they are in flocks. Get your camera ready and click some amazing snaps of these birds. Don’t forget to post them on your Instagram!

9. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat.

If you are boarding a flight to Ahmedabad anytime soon, you must visit this bird sanctuary. After all, Nal Sarovar is India’s largest bird sanctuary! There is a huge lake inside the sanctuary where you can find a variety of birds and animals lying lazily or drinking water. We definitely think that hiring a boat is the best way to explore the sanctuary. So, go for a boat ride! This is the biggest bird sanctuary in India, there must be many species of bird. There are! 300 species! And the number increases during the migratory season. You can see the migratory bird during the migratory season. But you can see geese, spoonbills, ducks, pelicans, eagles, and flamingos any time of the year!

10. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala.

The last stoppage on our list is ironically the first-ever sanctuary in Kerala! The tropical forest gives the perfect home to the 300 species of birds. You can easily spot the Sri Lankan frogmouth, racket-tailed drongo, bronzed drongo, and rufous babbler here. If you want to have some exciting activities, this sanctuary has that too. You can choose from jungle safari, trekking, hiking, and camping. Here’s a reminder. The nearest airport is in Kochi, from where you can reach the sanctuary via road. And to make your travel plans easy, here are some flights to Kochi!

Go bird lovers, the bird sanctuaries await you!

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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Top 10 Monuments of India

 Top 10 Monuments of India.

India’s historic architectural luxury is a fine example of its golden past. The emperors of the history has left an imprint of their reign in the form of these spectacular vestiges which speak greatly about their king. The architectural heritage of our country is our ancestral property which needs to be preserved with the utmost care so as to be passed on to the future generations. There is a plethora of the known and the unknown monuments in India, each with a story of its own. The suggestible magnificence of some of them makes them relatively popular and significant from others. So today I am going to write about the ten such monuments which have proved to be glorious for the nation.

List of Top 10 Monuments in India

1. Taj Mahal

Location: Agra

The delicate beauty of this monument has left its mark all over the world. So much that it now stands at the first place in the list of the Seven Wonders of the world. Made out of the white marbles, this site has been marked by UNESCO as the World Heritage site.   

2. Hawa Mahal

Location: Jaipur

Hawa Mahal is the finest piece of construction of the Rajputana Culture. It stands proud as a stupendous blend of the beauty and the intelligence. Known as the “Palace of Winds”, this fabulous structure has a total number of 953 windows in it.

3. Lotus Temple

Location: Delhi

Lotus Temple is a grower of the Bahai Faith which believes in the spiritual unity of the entire mankind. Eight Houses of the Worship had been built around the world for the people of all the religions to sit together in the meditation and the Lotus Temple is one of them. 

4. Mysore Palace

Location: Karnataka

It took almost 15 years to build this phenomenal structure for the Maharaja of the Mysore. Also known as the Amba Vilas, it is a three-storey structure with the arched squared towers enclosed by the domes. The original structure was accidentally burnt in 1897, therefore, it was rebuilt by the 24th Wodeyar King in the year 1912. 

5. Sanchi Stupa

Location: Madhya Pradesh

The Mauryan Emperor Ashoka founded the stupas at the Sanchi in the honor of the Lord Buddha. These stupas have been deemed as the world heritage sites by the UNESCO. 

6. Qutub Minar

Location: Delhi

It is the highest stone tower in India. Started by the Qutub-ud-din Aibak, this tall monument was later completed by his son-in-law Shamsud-Din- Iltutmish. Made up from the red sandstone and the marble, it stands at a height of 72.5 meters. 

7. Victoria Memorial

Location: Kolkata

A unique amalgamation of the European architecture and the Mughal motifs, it is one of the most spectacular monuments of India. Spreading across the 64 acres, it is the domed structure made up of the white marble. 

8. Gateway of India

Location: Mumbai

Located in the richest city of India, this grand architecture was built to commemorate the visit of the King George V and Queen Mary. It was designed by a British architect in an Indo-Saracenic style. 

9. Charminar

Location: Hyderabad

It was built in the year of 1591 by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah. When the city was hit by the epidemic, he built this monument to appease the evil forces haunting his new city. 

10. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Location: Mumbai

This massive structure is among the 32 World Heritage Sites in India as listed out by the UNESCO. It was built in the year of 1887 to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Queen Victoria. It functions as the headquarters of the Central Railways and is also considered as the busiest railway station in India.

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Monday, 4 July 2022

RISER APP India’s first Skill based Hyperlocal Short Video App

What is Riser App?  (Riser App Kya Hai)

The Riser App is the India's first platform designed to make our Indian youth self-reliant.  Where our Indian youth can earn the income by monetizing whatever skill and talent they have.

Aim (Mission) of the Riser App?

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Riser App से Creator को इनकम कैसे होगी?
First:- सबसे पहले आप पे जाके As Creator रजिस्टर कर लीजिये।
Second:- जैसे ही App Launch होता है उसको Download कर लीजिये उसके बाद आपके पास जो Skill or Talent है उसका एक Short Video बना के Riser App पे अपलोड कीजिये।

At present the millions of young people from all over India are unemployed at home by reading and writing, who have been given the gift of the skill or talent, which they are unable to display or use due to the various obstacles.

The Riser App aims to provide a common platform for all the young people, regardless of their background, to make a living for themselves, using their skills.

The Riser App aims to make the Indian youth more independent, confident and support them step by step on their journey for becoming a solo priner.

Second: - As soon as the app is launched, download it, then make a short video of the Skill or Talent which you have and then upload it to the Riser App.

What is the RISER APP?

RISER is the India's first platform designed to make our Indian Women self-reliant.  Wherever our Indian woman has any skill, she can earn income and generate revenue by the skill and the talent.


There are currently The millions of housewives and the housewives from all over India, who have been gifted with a skill or talent, which they are unable to display or use due to the various obstacles. RISER aims to provide a common platform for all the women, regardless of their background, to make a living for themselves, by using their skills. RISER aims to make the Indian women more independent, confident and support them step by step for their journey for becoming a solopriner.


To help make a difference in the lives of the millions of deserving and talented women across the country, to help them become independent and develop as individuals.

 • So that they can create a difference in the life and grow individually.


If you are doing any small or big business. Like the beauty parlor, yoga class, dance class or any other business, you have to do a Paid promotion to grow it.  But if you will make and upload just one video every day on the Riser App, that video will be seen first by the people around you. This will let the people around you know about your business first.  So all the customers of your local area will come to you.  And that too without investing a single penny in the marketing


Suppose you are a good beauty artist and you are uploading beauty videos on the Riser App and you know that every girl in India wants to learn the beauty parlor then you can come here and teach her the beauty parlor.  Which will increase your income a lot.  You know that after covid, the highest demand is big, so they are having online education.


Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry in India.  Today thousands of people are earning lakhs of rupees from the affiliate marketing and it is said that this industry is going to be 6250 Cr by 2025.  Now here is how you can earn income from the affiliate marketing.  Suppose you make videos on a beauty parlor on the Riser App.  But if you do not know how to learn the beauty parlor, then you can refer to the session / masterclass of a great beauty artist, which will increase your income many times over.  We are also giving you the customers at Riser, meaning you can earn lakhs from the affiliate marketing without marketing anything.

4. BOOK 1: 1 CALL.

You know that every human being today has some or the other small pearl problem or there are many questions whether it is mentally or about income.  But nowadays no one has enough time to show you the right way.  So you can earn by telling the people about what you know more about the Riser App.  Suppose you are an Astrologer.  If you make videos about Astrology, a lot of people will talk to you on a 1: 1 call for a solution to their problem and will even pay for it.  And 1: 1 online consultation is the growing rapidly every year.


If you are making a video about the Beauty on Riser App, you will sell any product related to Pay Beauty here, then you will get a lot of commission for it.


With the help of the Paid Groups, you can earn a lot of income by monetizing the audience you have.  Suppose you are making a video about the Share Market, then you can earn the money by creating the pro Paid Group about the Share Market and sharing pro tips.  For Example: You created a Paid Group whose price is only 500 rupees and only 500 people join, then your monthly income is: 500 * 500 = 25,0000 Rs.  Isn't that amazing?

“Riser App Kya Hai |  Riser App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye |  How will the Creator get the income from the Riser App (Riser App Pe Agent Kaise Bante Hai) ”

Riser App Pe Agent Kaise Bante Hai?

What if you want to join our team?  And if you want to make a lot of your own income by becoming an Agent and joining a new Creator with our Riser App, then follow this link.


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