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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Useful Home Remedy For Toothache.

Useful Home Remedy For Toothache.

1. Garlic.

There are many benefits of chewing garlic with salt.  Constantly doing this remedy relieves the toothache.  Chewing a clove of the garlic every morning keeps the teeth strong.

2. Onion.

Eating a raw onion every morning also relieves the toothache.  Doctors believe that eating one slice of onion every three minutes kills the germs in the mouth and relieves the pain.

3. Cloves.

Having cloves in the mouth gives relief in case of the toothache.  Applying clove oil on that part during the same pain is also very beneficial.

4. Tea bag.

Keep tea bags in the warm water and then shake the area where the pain is occurring.  So that the pain which is in the teeth can be relieved quickly.

5. Mustard oil.

Add three to four drops of the mustard oil, and a pinch of salt and then massage it on the gums.  So that the pain in the teeth can be removed.  At the same time, the draft seems to be getting powerful.

Natural Remedies for Toothache.

Many of us may have experienced the sudden toothache at many times.  So it is very important to know the natural and the safe ways to reduce it.  Many natural Ayurveda painkillers such as rye, black pepper or garlic can be used effectively to relieve the toothache.  The following tips will give you the information on how and what to do for the natural treatment of the toothache.

Clove oil is considered to be the most effective treatment for the toothache.  Mix a pinch of black pepper powder in clove oil and then apply it on the sore part.

Mustard oil is another option to reduce the toothache.  Mustard oil should be mixed with a pinch of salt and should be rubbed on the painful part of the gums.

Placing a slice of the freshly chopped onion on the sore gums or the teeth also relieves the pain.  You can make a homemade mouthwash for the toothache using the local herbs like Zergul, Hirabol etc.  Other medicinal plants includes basil, wild basil and asafoetida.

Applying a piece of a dry ice on the outside of the mouth can also soothe the toothache.

If you are suffering from the sudden toothache then you should completely give up the foods that are too cold, too hot and sore throat as it causes more damage to the aching of the tooth.

Eating habits should be also taken care of and vegetables, fruits and the grains should be used mostly in the food.  The consumption of the junk food should be avoided.

Ayurveda treatment to prevent the toothache

Boiling hing in water and rinsing it relieves the toothache.

If the teeth are moving and there is pain, filling the teeth with hing or akkalkaro gives the relief.

In the morning, the black sesame seeds are chewed, eaten and a little water is added to strengthen the teeth.

Teething strengthens the moving teeth.

Taking the sesame oil in the palm and rubbing it on the gums with the fingers strengthens the moving teeth.

Rubbing the lemon juice on the gums stops the bleeding from the teeth.

Rubbing the teeth with salt along with the fern oil cures the pyorrhea.

Pressing the inflated alum powder on the gums can stop the bleeding from the teeth.

If the gums are swollen, the pain can be relieved by rubbing a pinch of salt on it and applying the inflated alum powder on it.

Getting oil, lemon juice and salt and rubbing the teeth stops the toothache, yellowing of the teeth and bleeding from the teeth.

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