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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

How Many Apps Google Bans Over apps linked to SMS scam

 How Many Apps Google Bans Over apps linked to SMS scam

 How Many Apps Google Bans Over apps linked to SMS scam

👉 Google bans over 150 apps linked to SMS scam

Google has banned as many as 150 highly dangerous apps from the Google Play Store. This 150 Malaysian SMS scam app from the Play Store was part of a campaign called UltimaSMS. The malicious program asks victims to sign up for an expensive premium SMS service and in return lures users to make money. As a result, victims suffer huge losses.

Security service provider Avast says the apps have been downloaded more than 10.5 million times from the Google Play Store, and are almost identical in structure and functionality. The annoying thing about the UltimaSMS scam is that it is not limited to any country or region, but it is harming Android users around the world, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, USA and Poland.

👉 How this SMS scam app works

Avast says that when users download these apps from the Google Play Store, their location, IMEI number and phone number are checked to determine which country is being investigated for the scam. And code and language are used. Once the user opens the app, a screen in the local language of the device is set to prompt them to enter their phone number and in some cases the email address details of the app are also stolen.

👉 These 150 apps were banned in the Google Play Store


     1.     Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro, 

2.     VideoMixer Editor Pro, 

3.     FX Animate Editor Pro, 

4.     Battery Animation Charge 2021 Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers,

5.      RGB Neon HD, Keyboard Background,

6.      AppLock X FREE, 

7.     NewVision Camera,

8.      Ultra Camera HD,

9.      Wi-Fi Password Unlock, 

10. Wi- Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock, 

11. Colorful Call Screen & Phone Flash Waterdrinker Reminder, 

12. GT Sports Racing Online,

13.  Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021,

14.  All Language Photo and Voice Translator AI, 

15. Crime City: Revenge, 

16. Reface Ultra,

17.  Projector HD / AR Video Editor LivePhoto Animator,

18.  Ludo Masterpiece Online,

19.  Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App, 

20. Scan to PDF, 

21. Magic Mix Cut - Super Video Editor,

22.  Future Scanner FREE 2021,

23.  Pro Video Downloader 2021,

24.  AmazeTranslate,

25.  Football Masters 2021 New Body Shape Editor,

26.  Call Voice Recording 2.0,

27.  Pro Tuber Ad Blocker for Video,

28.  Fitness Ultimate 2021,

29.  Wallpaper XYZ Pro,

30.  PhotoLab Pro +, 

31. iOS Launcher X 2021, 

32. Stay Fit: Home Fitness Plan,

33. Chat Translator Pro for WhatsApp,

34.  Roll Your Icons CosmosVPN,

35.  Amore Live Random Chat,

36.  Ga me Center: Complete Edition, 

37. All HD Video SX - Smart Player,

38.  Easy Smart Translator Pro, Easy Chat Translator for WhatsApp, 

39. Spam Calls Buster,

40.  WhoCall Caller ID and Spam Blocker Pulse Rate Checker, 

41. NOWDownloader and Private Apps,

42.  Video Saver & Private Browser,

43.  Wallpaper Anime for Android, 

44. Pixelize Art, 

45. Muslim Memoji & Stickers for Whatsapp,

     46.  Smart Global Translator

     47. Free Launcher X Pro

     48. ICall U - Online Video Hotchat

     49. Pure Tube PRO: Block Video Ads

     50. Future AI Scan Free 2021

     51.Qibla Finder: Qibla Compass & Prayer Times 2021           

         EasyCode: QR and Barcode Scanner

     52. Wi-Fi Opensignal

     53. Ano caller: Spam List & Caller ID

     54. Pro Calls Recorder

     55. Amazing Arab Videos.

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