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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Planning to buy a TV?

 Planning to buy a TV?

 Planning to buy a TV?

First of all, understand the difference between LCD and QLED display, understand its features and decide which TV will be best for you.

The black clog in the LCD display is seen in gray instead of full black

OLED screens are better than LEDs and cheaper than OLEDs

If you are planning to buy LCD, LED, QLED, SLED and OLED display type TVs this festive season, you will surely decide which of these displays is the best display?

As the festive season begins, many companies are offering bumper discounts on TV. If you are planning to buy a new TV, you need to have an understanding of the display type, from the picture quality and price of the TV. There are various types of display TVs available in the market. They have different characteristics. Let's find out ...

1. LCD display

The full form of LCD is a liquid crystal display. The TV has a liquid crystal display panel on the front side. It has many colors from which the TV color can be produced. Now no light or backlight is required for this color to reach the eyes. The fluorescent light behind the display seems to work for him. It is called CCFL. It is attached to the back of the panel. CCFL flashes as soon as the TV is turned on then we can watch the video on the TV.

LCD displays are large. Also, the level of black color is not completely black. Because, if you want to show darkness in any corner of the picture, you cannot turn off the light of that section. So there is a gray color.

2. Cheap and durable LED display TV

LED TVs are the most common option in TV showrooms. Because this TV is available cheaply and a large range is available according to its size. The starting price of a 32-inch smart LED TV starts at Rs 12,000.

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LED TVs have a good color effect and a good viewing angle. You can clearly see the TV view even if you are not sitting in front of the TV. This TV has sound output and brightness level according to the company and model. The contrast of the LED TV is not so good because it always has the backlight of the display on. So there is a little whiteness in the black color.

LED TV is technically an LCD TV. It uses LED light instead of CCFL. It should be called LED-LCD. The pixels of this TV are made from liquid crystal packets. These crystals do not automatically produce light so LEDs work instead of CCFLs.


This TV is the best display technology of the time. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Each pixel in OLED has its own light. Each pixel can also be turned off as needed. The OLED screen gets deep black and has great contrast.

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The OLED panel does not require extra light equipment so it has a good colorful experience. So OLED panels are relatively thin. It excels in viewing angle and picture quality. Unlike LCD-LED, this TV does not have such a good brightness level. Brightness does not matter so much for this TV when it is installed in the room.

OLED screen TVs are available in sizes 55 inches and above. The basic variant of this TV is priced at Rs 1 lakh. Its high end variant can be priced at Rs 5 lakh. This TV seems to lose its color and vibrancy in the long run. This problem occurs when the organic material in the screen burns out over time. The color doesn't look so good in this TV after years, especially blue. However this defect has been removed in the new TV model. It can run for 11 years in a row after turning on this TV.

4. QLED screen better than LED and cheaper than OLED

OLED screens are expensive. QLED comes in the middle range. It is better than LED and cheaper than OLED. QLED TVs are not available in smaller sizes. The basic 43-inch variant starts at Rs 50,000. Depending on the brand and model, there is a difference in price and picture quality.

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QLED stands for Quantum Dot LED. This screen is similar to an LED with a layer of nanoparticles between the rear LED backlight and the front LCD panel. This filter is called a quantum dot. It makes the screen look better.

5. New technology SLED screen

Currently only Realm's SLED TVs are available. Because the chief scientist who invented this technology is Realmina. In LED TV, blue light is emitted on the LCD panel for light source, while RGB light is emitted in SLED and converted to safe light. Realmy says that the SLED screen protects the eyes by cutting the blue light. Realmy's 55-inch SLED TV is priced at Rs 40,000.

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6. TV screen technology of the future

LED, QLED and OLED screens have their own distinctive features and different drawbacks. Micro LED and mini LED displays are being developed to overcome their shortcomings. This screen will be as good as OLED and cheaper than LED. However this technology will still seem to come to market more often.

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