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Saturday, 28 August 2021

WFVS Video Splitter For WhatsApp Status Save Application

 WFVS  Video Splitter For WhatsApp  Status Save  Application

Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status and Status Saver. 

(1) Split video in 30 seconds and set video on WhatsApp status ( Split video in 30-30 Seconds and set all part in WhatsApp status ) 

(2) Save Whatsapp Status and Offer With Your Monsters. 

Permit you to save Whatsapp video status and picture status. An extensive part of your Whatsapp friends set fair status yet Whatsapp doesn't offer an ability to Save or download Whatsapp status. Nevertheless, the WFVS application licenses you to Save Whatsapp status. WFVS Application is best status saver application. As of now you can basically download Whatsapp status and offer with all your online media or set as your Whatsapp status. This application UI are exceptionally simple to utilize. Most astonishing part of the application is You can similarly facilitate offer other whatsapp status without download status.and you can moreover save status on your device and watch it on your contraption show. 

This application offers you another unbelievable limit is Separated long video in 30-30 seconds video part. As of now you can set viably long Whatsapp status for you. WFVS application help you with separating video in 30 second parts and set all parts in whatsapp status. For video split customer have two particular other option. 

(A) Auto Split : Modified split video in 30 second and set Progressively on whatsapp status. (Note: Video Part Gathering Move is Depending upon Whatsapp) 

(B) Manual Split : Set clock for video split and after split exchange all parts truly on whatsapp status. ( Recomanded: For Best Video Course of action and video spliter for other online media website page ) 

By and by you can 2 Works in 1 Android application. 

1) Split video in 30 Seconds. 

2) Whatsapp Status Downloder/Status Saver 2021. 

Mates after loads of investigation and vigorous undertakings, This application has been made for you. So I trust you and your mates will use this application and make whatsapp experience truly invigorating. 

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1) WFVS Application For Make Best Understanding Of Whatsapp. This application isn't related with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business in any way. WhatsApp is the brand name of WhatsApp Inc. No brand name infringement is accordingly anticipated. 

2) The substance given by the WFVS application is taken from the limit of the genuine customer and the WFVs application will have no danger over the sort of content. 

3) WFVS application isn't giving any sort of on the web or disengaged substance for downloads. The substance gave by the application is taken from the limit of the real customer. the application help to customer's (1) See accounts and pictures, (2) Unhide customer's contraption accounts and pictures, (3) Split accounts (cut the video). 

4) This is a relaunch application. 

5) For best use of WFVS Application you ought to have Whatsapp application. 

  Download Application

6) For Status save, first open you Whatsapp application and watch Status then you can see all photos and accounts in WFVS Application. 

7) If any Copyright issue or any Issue in this application humanely mail us at

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