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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Rakshabandhan Special Story

 Rakshabandhan Special Story

Rakshabandhan Special Story

 Rakshabandhan Special Story

Becoming a lifeguard sister

The younger sister was blessed with ashes and even knew how to survive! If needed, he donated his kidney to Veerani

    Former Income Tax Commissioner of Surat donated kidney to younger sister before Rakshabandhan

    Brother is like my father in the family, he could have contributed to new life even before Rakshabandhan: Sister

    From now on, every breath of my life will be the same as the blessing given by my sister: Brother

Rakshabandhan is a unique festival of brother and sister love. Usually in this festival siblings are given gifts. But a case has come up that the sister has given her life to her brother. The organization that works for Organ Donate has given a new lease of life to the Vice President of Donate Life and former Income Tax Commissioner of Surat by donating a kidney to his younger sister before Rakshabandhan.

Kidney transplants were also performed in 2013

Sandeep Kumar, a former income tax commissioner from Surat and currently serving as chief income tax commissioner in Lucknow, had failed both his kidneys. In the year 2013, he was working as Income Tax Commissioner in Surat. Meanwhile, he underwent a kidney transplant at IKDRC Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad due to kidney failure. He then almost recovered from this trouble and was living his life very well.

The sister came forward as she had to have a kidney transplant again

In the year 2020, the health of Sandeep Kumar, the Chief Income Tax Commissioner of Lucknow, started deteriorating once again. The kidney transplant he did was no longer working properly. It once again put his life in danger. The doctors once again talked to him about the need for a kidney transplant. He was confused about this but his sister came forward for the brother. Eventually the doctor decided to transplant his own younger sister's kidney after all the medical examinations and the sister and her family members also cooperated with her.

The family also supported the sister to donate a kidney.

The sister supported the husband and the family

Sandeep Kumar's younger sister Sujata Dev is also a doctor herself. Doctor Sujata Dev works as a doctor in a hospital in Lucknow. Her older brother's health was once again in jeopardy and she was forced to donate a kidney when someone came forward to save her brother's life by donating an organ rather than donating a kidney and then meeting her brother. Doctor Sujata Dev's husband is also a doctor. He also supported Sujata's decision to donate her life to her brother.

I did not have any difficulty in donating kidneys

"I have lost my father," Dr Sujata Dev told in an exclusive interview. Not only that, I have lost one of my brothers. Sandeep Kumar is my elder brother. Which is equivalent to my father in my family today. I am very happy that I was able to contribute to the new life of my brother just before Rakshabandhan. I am a doctor myself, my husband is a doctor and my daughter is also studying medicine. So I did not have any difficulty in donating kidneys. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan festival, I am happy to give a gift of new life to my brother.

Since the sister and her husband are also doctors, there was no problem in donating kidneys.

Kidney donation to Rakshabandhan's sister's brother

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Sandeep Kumar, who is currently the Chief Income Tax Commissioner in Lucknow and vice-president of Donate Life, said, "I had a kidney transplant in Ahmedabad before and now." During Rakshabandhan, siblings are made happy by giving their favorite things as fun to tie ashes. But this Rakshabandhan has become an unforgettable occasion in my life. My sister has given me a new lease of life by donating her own kidney, what a gift this could be to a big Rakshabandhan sister's brother.

અહી થી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમાં

Rakshabandhan is the most memorable festival of my life

Sandeep Kumar further said that what my younger sister Sujata has done for me has become an example in this world. I see this Rakshabandhan festival as the most memorable festival of my life. This incredible case of brother-sister love can never be forgotten. From now on, every single breath of my life will be equal to the blessings given by my sister.

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