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Thursday, 19 August 2021

What is a career in photography and where can it be applied?

 What is a career in photography and where can it be applied?

Photography has become a favorite career option among the youth.

 What is a career in photography and where can it be applied?

 No special qualification is required to select photography as a career

After passing standard 12, one can learn by taking admission in photography course

Today is celebrated around the world as World Photography Day. The purpose of this day is to bring together photographers from all over the world. According to historians, photography began on January 9, 1939. Two scientists, Joseph Nicefour and Louis Dogger, discovered the dogorotype process, the first process of photography.

The discovery was then announced by the French government on 19 August 1839. Every year since then, August 19 has been celebrated as World Photography Day. Australian photographer Coske Ara first hosted the first global online gallery on World Photography Day on 19 August 2010.

Career in photography

Photography is not a hobby today but a career option. There are so many types of photography available today that it's not just a hobby but a good source of income. Photography, which has always been a demanding career option, has become much easier today due to the latest and digital cameras. Let us know today, about some of the career options associated with photography.

Qualification and course

ફોટોગ્રાફીમાં કોર્સ ઓફર કરતી મુખ્ય ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટ

ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટ રાજ્ય લિંક
જામિયા મિલિયા ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટ ઓફ માસ કમ્યુનિકેશન રિસર્ચ સેન્ટર નવી દિલ્હી
ફિલ્મ એન્ડ ટેલીવિઝન ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટ, પુણે મહારાષ્ટ્ર
એશિયન એકેડમી ઓફ ફિલ્મ એન્ડ ટેલીવિઝન દિલ્હી
જે.જે સ્કૂલ ઓફ અપ્લાઈડ આર્ટ, મુંબઈ મહારાષ્ટ્ર
સેન્ટ ઝેવિયર્સ કોલેજ, મુંબઈ મહારાષ્ટ્ર
દિલ્હી સ્કૂલ ઓફ ફોટોગ્રાફી દિલ્હી
નેશનલ ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટ ઓફ ફોટોગ્રાફી, મુંબઈ મહારાષ્ટ્ર

No special qualification is required to select photography as a career. This can be learned by taking admission in photography course after passing standard 12. Many institutes offer degree, diploma and certificate courses for photography after standard 12. In addition, knowledge of software like Photoshop is also helpful to enhance photography skills.


Starting a career as an assistant photographer in this field can earn you Rs 3500 to 6000 per month. After that you will get a salary of 15 thousand to 35 thousand rupees. So if photography is your passion and people like to capture it in camera in a creative way, then there are good options for full time and part time career in this field.

Major institutes offering courses in photography

Career option in photography

In the field of photography, from fashion photography to portfolio photography and pre-wedding photography and maternity photography, there are many trends. This is why there is a huge demand for photographers in the industry at the moment. Some of the main options for a job in the field of photography:

    Fashion photographer

    Film photographer

    Ed Photographer

    Wildlife photographer

    Commercial photographer

    Food photographer

    Industrial photographer

There are job opportunities in this field of photography:

Ad & Fashion: This branch of photography has a lot of career prospects. Every ad agency needs a good photographer. Fashion photography is also a part of this, but it highlights the beauty of the dress more than the technique.

Art & Film: This branch of photography is in high demand among professional photographers. Everything is captured on camera from the beginning of filmmaking.

Science and Technology: There is a lot of scope in this branch of photography. There is a huge demand for photographers today, from technology to medical science.

Wildlife: This branch full of adventures needs many photographers every year. Everyone who learns photography practices in wildlife photography.

Photo Journalism: If you have the skills to write along with photography, you can make a good career. Media companies need a lot of photo journalists every year.

Photography: This involves the average photographer. No tags are attached to them. These types of photographers click different types of photos independently and they do not fall into the category of special photographers.

માહિતી ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો


Commercial Photography: This field gives the photographer a higher salary in the profession. This type of photography involves clicking a photo for a big brand and using it to sell an item.

Food Photography: This type of photographer works in different food companies and this photo is clicked in a way that works in marketing. To be such a photographer one must have an interest in food.

Industrial Photography: This type of photographer's job is to click photos of different machines. This photo is used in advertising. To become such a photographer one must have an understanding of the machine.

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