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Friday, 27 August 2021

English Gujarati Word reference Application 2021

 English Gujarati Word reference Application 2021 

 English Gujarati Word reference Application 2021 

Gujarati English Word reference separated and free. You can glance through both English and Gujarati words. You can glance through words clearly from "Web Program" or various Applications by using Sharing decision. In the sharing decision you will find "Gujarati Word reference" and picking "Gujarati Word reference" will open the word reference with the normal word so you need not type. Leaving from the word reference will return you to "Web Program" or various Applications again. This isn't only a Word reference yet moreover a learning contraption. You can use this word reference when you have no Internet affiliation. MCQ (Distinctive Choice Inquiry) elective is open. There is autosuggestion so you need not type full words. You moreover can use Talk to message feature. You can add words to the assessment design and dispose of words from the examination plan. Exactly when you start forming, you will see a couple of words starting with the letters you created. The word reference look in an informational index for the planning with words. This can tone down forming in little handsets. Henceforth in settings there is a decision to unwind that. So low profile flexible handsets can slow down Auto pursuit to type quickly. You will see a Word reference image on the notice bar to start the application quickly. On sharing text you will find the Gujarati Word reference. This will be helpful to find the significance of any word. 

Components of the Word reference: 

• Gujarati To English 

• English To Gujarati 

• No web affiliation required 

• Search From Web 

• Search by Sharing 

• Auto Thought 

• Understandable and Voice Search 

• Antonyms (Converse words) 


• Counterparts 

• Support and Restore 

• History and Study Plan 

• Word Game 

• Offer Words 

• Copy Words

 Download  English Gujarati Word reference Application 2021 

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