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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Work Don't have LPG subsidy in your account, follow this simple process at home

 Work  Don't have LPG subsidy in your account, follow this simple process at home

 Work  Don't have LPG subsidy in your account, follow this simple process at home

The common man is troubled by inflation. After petrol-diesel, now the increase in cooking gas prices has put a strain on people's pockets. Oil companies have hiked the price of cooking gas cylinder (LPG) by Rs 25.50 per cylinder on the first day of July. Then there is the subsidy in the customer's account, which is only approximately Rs 75 per cylinder.

Now the price of a 14.2 kg domestic cooking gas cylinder is going beyond 900. The shocking thing here is that the price of a cooking gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 321 in the last 15 months. The price of an LPG cylinder was Rs 621 in May last year, rising to Rs 683 in August. The amount rose to Rs 692 in September, the following month. In June 2021, the price of a gas cylinder was Rs 907 and in July it was Rs 25.50 to Rs 933. Meanwhile, the amount of subsidy to many customers is not even being taken into account. Even if the subsidy amount is not coming into your account. Get the amount in this way

This is the easy way

    First of all you have to open the internet on your phone or computer.

    Then go to the phone's browser and type to open it.

    You will then see a photo of the gas cylinders of the gas companies on the right. Anyone who is your service provider click on the photo of the gas cylinder.

    A new window will then open that will belong to your gas service provider.

    Then at the top right you will see the sign-in and new user option which you can tap.

    You need to sign in if your ID is already created.

    If there is no ID then you need to tap on New User. Login to the website.

    You will then see the View Cylinder Booking History option on the right in the window that opens. Let's tap on it.

    After tapping, you will get information from here, on which cylinder you have been given how much subsidy and when.

    With this if you have booked gas and you do not get the subsidy money then you need to click on the feedback button. From here you are able to file a complaint of non-receipt of subsidy money.

    Apart from this if you have not yet linked the LPG ID to your account you can go to the distributor and get it done.

    Not only that, you are able to lodge a complaint by calling 18002333555 for free.


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 That's not why your subsidy comes

If you are not getting the subsidy you get on LPG, it may be because there is no support link. LPG subsidy is decided separately in the states. No subsidy would be sent to those with an annual income of Rs 10 lakh or more.

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