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Thursday, 15 July 2021

The third phase exam of engineering entrance will start from next week, learn from the expert how to prepare last time

 The third phase exam of engineering entrance will start from next week, learn from the expert how to prepare last time

The third phase exam of engineering entrance will start from next week, learn from the expert how to prepare last time

    Don't read new topics in the last minute, revise what you have read

    Time management before starting physics or chemistry exam

The third phase of JEE Main exam for admission in IITs and Engineering Institute is scheduled to start from July 20. The exam was postponed due to Corona. Millions of students have been preparing for many months to get admission in the best college. In which more attention should be paid to the topics which have been fully prepared.

At the end of the exam, FIITJEE Jaipur expert Dhruv Kumar Banerjee is telling the students about the preparation before joining the exam and some tips ....

Don't prepare at the last minute

Often students start remembering everything a few minutes before the exam, but such preparation is of no use to the students. This increases stress. Last minute preparation increases stress, experts say. It does not remember the concept. It also affects the exam. Hence a timetable should be made before the examination. Only previously read concepts should be revised.

Pay special attention to time management

Time management is just as important as preparation for passing the exam. Give mock test daily. Practice will be better with time management. Solve the paper in which you are well prepared. This way you will be able to complete the paper on time and will also reduce the chances of missing the exam in that subject. At the same time the confidence of the students will increase and the examination will go well. Time management before starting physics or chemistry exam.

Be aware of these things

Don't read new, revise

Focus on the topic you read instead of reading the last one. Read no new subject or new topic. No matter how clear your concept may be, if you don't revise it, all the preparations may go in vain.

Write the formula on paper

Write down all the required formulas for the exam on a piece of paper and then stick the pieces of paper near the study table, bed or dining table. It will catch your eye and make this formula perfect.

Focus only on selected topics

For good performance in the exam, the entire syllabus should be read but the end time should focus only on the selected topic.

Solve last year's paper

Solve last year's paper as it happens before the exam. It will benefit you no matter what, but you will become confident with your exam pattern. It will also help in time management.

Don't read constantly, take a break

Don't read too much and constantly last time. A short time break should be taken during the study. If you study constantly, you will get tired during exam time and it may affect your productivity.

Follow these tips

read in gujrati

    Take daily mock tests and solve old papers to boost confidence.

    Revise the short note and if not read the NCERT books carefully.

    Write and revise the main points of the chapter you have read.

    Correct your biological clock before the exam. Give mock test according to shift timing.

    Don't talk too much about exams before exams to avoid anxiety.

    Specifically attempt questions without negative markings.

    The mock test will help the students to check their level. Give more mock tests.

    Don't panic about your performance in the exam, you can improve your score in the next three sessions.

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