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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Now you can sync Google Drive from desktop too, learn the whole process

 Now you can sync Google Drive from desktop too, learn the whole process

Now you can sync Google Drive from desktop too, learn the whole process

Google has come up with a new feature for computers. This feature allows users to easily sync the desktop with Google Drive. According to the company, computer users will be asked to use a desktop drive in the coming weeks. Also it would be advisable to sync by September 2021. After September, users will see a notification asking them to sync the file.

For desktop drives, the user can access files directly from the cloud on a Mac or PC. It frees up disk space. It also saves your network bandwidth.

The disk file will be stored in the cloud

The company said on Monday that the disk file is stored in the cloud. So any changes made by you or on another device are automatically updated everywhere. It always gets a new version.

You will find a folder on the drive just like on a desktop

Drive for Desktop is an application for Windows and Mac OS that allows users to access files directly from their desktop. This makes it easier for them to reach the folder. The folder is found on the drive in the same way that users choose to access their file and photo directly on their desktop.

Syncing files will take less time

Automatically syncs local files to the cloud, even in the desktop background, according to the company. Which reduces the time it takes to sync files. Google already has a drive file stream feature with backup and sync. It was created for business users.

Photos and videos can be uploaded and synced to Google Drive

According to the company, this will be the best and most used feature from both backup-sync and drive file streams. Users can now upload and sync photos and videos to Google Photos or / or Google Drive. It can also sync external storage devices, including flash drives and external hard drives, to the cloud.

The process of syncing to the desktop

Whenever a backup and sync auto update comes, a notification will come to your new Windows updated computer. In which Drive for Desktop will start appearing.

If the user has multiple accounts he will have to follow these steps for all

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1. This feature will sync the file by scanning from local and cloud store. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. It will depend on the size of the user's file. Which can be seen on the progress bar. The user can do other things during this process. 2. When the scan is complete it can view its own files. It can also choose how it wants to sync the file. 3. He can choose which folder he wants to sync on 'My Drive'. 4. Google can back up photos with it 5. Users can select Drive for Desktop, which will be according to the selected file synced by them.

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