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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Free and open internet is under attack, so keep this in mind when using free internet.

 Free and open internet is under attack, so keep this in mind when using free internet.

 Free and open internet is under attack, so keep this in mind when using free internet.

    Avoid banking and online shopping while using free wifi

    Viruses can be avoided by installing antivirus in the phone and updating the operating system

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has spoken of attacking the free and open internet. In a conversation with the BBC, he said that in many countries instructions are kept out of the reach of ordinary people. He said without naming China, none of the technology from popular products and services is in China.

Pichai believes that limiting the future of the Internet should not be limited to the government of a country or a single person. Rather, it should be the responsibility of a collective think tank that works with the Internet in mind.

AI is the most specialized technology

Pichai emphasized AI (Artificial Intelligence). He said AI is even more important than fire, electricity or the internet. According to the report, Sundar Pichai said that AI is the most specialized technology created by humans. Sundar Pichai has expressed concern over the use of free internet, here are some things you can do to use free wifi safely

You can stay safe by using this security strategy when connected to public WiFi ...

Keep the phone's operating system up to date

Keeping the operating system up to date not only gives new features to the phone but also increases the security of the phone. Updating the mobile operating system removes viruses from the mobile.

Use of mobile antivirus tools

Install security software in the mobile before using public wifi. This software works as a firewall for Android users. Alerts you at risk if you connect to unsecured WiFi. It scans and removes viruses or any threat.

Slow public WiFi synonymous with risk

If you connect to an open WiFi network, first check if the connection is slow. Having trouble signing in to the page? It would be better if you disconnect public wifi. Even if someone has tampered with the router, the internet is slow.

Avoid online shopping and banking

Do not do online shopping and banking transactions while connecting to public WiFi. Public WiFi is not secure. A hacker can steal your password and empty your bank account.

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Use two-factor authentication

This means that whenever you log in to an online service, you have to go through 2 security layers. The first is a security login credential and the second is a code generated in your mobile.

Turn off using WiFi

The idea is very simple but most people forget to turn it off using public wifi. It can be a risk to your security. Turning off WiFi can also save your mobile battery.

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