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Friday, 16 July 2021

A woman infected with two variants of the corona died on the 5th day, identified by genome sequencing, such investigations are rare in India; Learn everything related to it

 A woman infected with two variants of the corona died on the 5th day, identified by genome sequencing, such investigations are rare in India; Learn everything related to it

A woman infected with two variants of the corona died on the 5th day, identified by genome sequencing, such investigations are rare in India; Learn everything related to it

A few days ago a woman arrived at a hospital in the city of Alsto, Belgium. She was frequently losing balance. However, his breathing was fine. The oxygen level was also higher than 94%, but in the investigation it was infected with two different variants of the corona, not one. Within a few hours the infection reached his lungs and he died on the fifth day. The woman was infected with the alpha and beta variants of the Corona. Both have been declared "variants of concern" by the WHO in December 2020. In fact, this is the first case in the world in which someone has had two variants i.e. double infection. Scientists are considering it a new type of corona. Scientists discussed this unique case at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases last Saturday. According to experts, the world needs to be alert to double infections. This case is very special for India for two reasons. Firstly, variants like Delta, Delta Plus, Lambda and Kappa are active in our country and secondly, India lags far behind in terms of variant testing, i.e. genome sequencing.

The woman lived alone, did not take the vaccine

    The 90-year-old woman has no special medical history, so she did not have any other illnesses.

    The woman lived alone and took nursing care at home.

    Initially he had no trouble breathing. The oxygen level in his body was also good.

    How he became infected with the two variants is not yet clear.

    The woman did not get the corona vaccine

Infection occurred from two different people

Dr. who led the report on the case at the European Congress of Infectious Diseases. According to Anne Venkikbergen, there are alpha and beta variants spread in Belgium, so it is quite possible that the woman may have been infected by two different people.

Such cases will be found more if genome sequencing is increased

Although this case of Belgium is considered to be the first case in the world, but Dr. Other researchers, including Anne Wenkerbergen, say two variants were found to be infected in Brazil earlier this year, but no research has been done on that case. These researchers say that more cases like Belgium could be encountered if genome sequencing is increased to detect variants of coronavirus.

Two variants were also found in flu patients

Dr. According to Wenkerbergen, more than one variant of the flu virus has already been found in patients with the common flu. In such a situation, it is not surprising that two variants of the Corona have been transitioned.

So do the two variants make the Corona serious? Understand from three experts

According to scientists, finding two variants in a single patient is likely to cause coronary heart disease, but more research remains to be done to confirm this claim.

Dr. who led the case report of the Belgian case. According to Anne Venkirbergen, it is difficult to say anything about the role of the two variants in worsening the condition of this Belgian woman. No other such case has come up yet. There has been very little research on the effect of double variants due to reduced genome sequencing.

    According to Lawrence Young, a virologist and professor of molecular oncology at the University of Warwick in England, it is important to know the effects of covid infection on varicose veins and the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    Former director of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Delhi, Dr. VS Chauhan said in an interview that the severity of a patient is determined by his health, immunity and ability of the virus, not by the different types of viruses.

After all what is this genome and genome sequencing?

    Genes determine things from our biological characteristics, such as our length, hair color, and eye color. That is, the complete genetic code of a single organism is called the genome.

    The genome is a book that makes a life, the gene is a chapter of that book.

    The genomes of any two organisms cannot be the same. Simply put, the genome is the identity of the biological world.

    The genomes of most organisms, including humans, have DNA, but the genomes of viruses, such as corona, have RNA.

    A study of the genome can explain the structure, characteristics, and function of any organism.

    The genome can be seen with the naked eye. It is difficult to understand even when viewed under a microscope, so the scientist converts it into code. This is genome sequencing.

    The genomes of a virus have RNA, so they are first converted to DNA for sequencing.

Now let's understand what is the mutation of virus?

Coronavirus makes its own copy in the body of an infected person. This process is not specific. In the meantime, the virus always changes the genome sequence. This change is called mutation. This new form of the virus is called its new variant. Most mutations do not affect the virus, but there are mutations that increase the virus's ability to infect or to prevent immunity. It can make infected people seriously ill and increase mortality.

Why is genome sequencing necessary in the fight against corona?

    Genome sequencing means identification of Corona variants in Corona combat.

    Suppose a case of corona suddenly increases in an area. In such a situation, genome sequencing can tell if this increase in number is due to a new variant.

    The identification of the variant reveals where the virus came from. That being said, the Delta variant from India has so far spread to 111 countries around the world.

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The Belgian case would not have been detected without genome sequencing

    Were it not for the genome sequencing of the Belgian case, it would not have been possible for a person to be infected with even two variants.

    On this basis, the scientist is now busy finding out that it does not infect the corona or increase the risk of death.

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