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Saturday, 26 June 2021

WhatsApp and NSDC launch together, youth from 5 states to get digital training

 WhatsApp and NSDC launch together, youth from 5 states to get digital training

NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and WhatsApp have teamed up to launch the Digital Skills Championship program. It will help in developing digital skills in the youth of India so that they are ready for employment in the near future.

The program will provide coaching to school and university students. It will teach digital online skills. Certificates will also be awarded to WhatsApp and NSDC Digital Skill Champions.

WhatsApp and Infispark became partners

This course will be module based. It will tell you about the online ecosystem and its various dimensions. The course will be launched in various Tier-3 and Tier-4 city-equipped campuses of the country. It started with 50 campuses in 5 states. It has started in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It will be through WhatsApp's partner InfiSpark.

Will help young people

The digital scope continues to grow, says NSDC's managing director and chief executive officer. In Teva, NSDC will provide virtual learning to the youth so that they are already aware if the youth come to work.

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1.5 crore business app users of WhatsApp

After the course WhatsApp will start the training session. It will tell about the Prime Minister's Skill Center through WhatsApp Business. It will motivate you to start a small business. The company claims that WhatsApp has 1.5 crore business app users in India and 5 crore globally.

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