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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Password Protection: From number-alphabet to pattern lock you have to remember 12 to 14 passwords every day, follow these tips to avoid password-data theft

 Password Protection: From number-alphabet to pattern lock you have to remember 12 to 14 passwords every day, follow these tips to avoid password-data theft

The brain of today's generation remains active, even without doing any work, the brain is working because today's generation keeps in mind not one or two but many passwords. These passwords have become a part of day to day life. From Gmail to UPI transactions require a password. A user has to remember a minimum of 12 to 18 passwords.

How many passwords do you have in mind? You may not be able to calculate and answer immediately. For that, count the apps on the phone in which you have set the password. The result can be shocking. Today we will discuss all the factors associated with this same password ....

What is a password?

The one that protects your data, device or any element is the password. Earlier passwords were numbers or alphabets but now with the advancement of technology finger, face and eye have also become passwords. So patterns, photos, pins, biometrics have also become part of the password. Passwords have different formats ...

Where the password is used

The first answer is a smartphone. Whether or not data is required in the phone but the password starts from here. Passwords are used in mobile apps, including Gmail accounts, social media and galleries. UPI, Rail and other apps are also password protected. Government apps like Umang and DigiLocker also have passwords.

How many passwords can we remember?

You can answer this question yourself. We remember passwords for many things including internet banking, phone, social apps, gmail but many apps and platforms are such that once logged in we have to forget the password. Password Manager According to Nordpass's February, 2020 survey, the average user has 100 passwords. The good thing is that when a password is submitted on the Android platform it asks the user to save. This eliminates the need for users to memorize and submit passwords frequently.

How many passwords are we using on average?

According to experts, the user mostly uses the most passwords in his smartphone. From phone unlock to app unlock, it submits a password several times a day. Also the laptop user has to submit the password.

The number of passwords has increased due to smartphones. Because various apps of the phone are password protected. When people had a feature phone, they only got the option of key pad lock. Protect it using numbers. Apart from this, photo gallery, contact or dialer could also be locked. In sum, the work was done in 4 to 5 passwords.

Keep these things in mind to generate a secure password

    Use a minimum of 10 to 15 characters in the password

    Use alphabets and numbers

    Require an alphabet capital in the password

    ! Use special characters like # $% ^ & *)

    Keep changing passwords periodically

    Also protect the password with OTP if possible

Don't make the mistake of generating a password

    Don't use simple words

    Do not use less than 8 characters

    Don't use personal details like your name, birth date

    Do not create a password for your username.

    Don't create a password after asking someone.

Common password

Platforms that have less work but want to submit passwords are more likely to submit user common passwords. Details including name, birth date, mobile number are created as password. Combinations like 123456, ABCD, ABC @ 123, Name @ 123 are very common.

Common passwords are the most common. Hackers can crack this password in the blink of an eye. So this type of password should be avoided.

Users now start using passphrase

Many users are using passphrase instead of password for data and device protection. It is easier to create than other passwords but harder to crack. It is easy to create a password on different platforms and remember it. Understand it by example ...

      ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 


Suppose you live in Ahmedabad. So if you get every first letter from I live in Ahmedabad it will become IliA. Now, according to the app, Facebook has taken over or Gmail. Also added numbers that will always be remembered. It can include date of birth or year. Now your Gmail password can be IliAg2015 and Facebook's password can be IliAf2015. This way you can create any passphrase.

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