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Monday, 28 June 2021

Now 30 users can make group calls simultaneously, video calling can be switched from group audio call

 Now 30 users can make group calls simultaneously, video calling can be switched from group audio call

    Mobile, desktop and tablet users will benefit from this feature

    Tablet and desktop users will see a screen split and a list of users

Instant messaging platform Telegram announced the group video calling feature 1 year ago. Finally the Telegram has released it. This feature will work on mobile, desktop and tablet. Like WhatsApp, Telegram also allows group audio calls to be converted into video conferencing. The company has also given a new update in the interface of group video calls. It has animated backgrounds and can send animated emoji in time rather than sending a message. The updated Telegram has a menu button for special types of bots.

Video calls can be made by tapping the camera icon

The biggest update in Telegram is to transfer group audio calls to video calls. To do so, users have to tap on the camera icon. Doing so will turn on the video. Group members can then be pinned. A video of the pinned members will appear in front. Telegram also has the option to share the screen. WhatsApp does not have this feature.

The selected screen will be shared

Tablet and desktop users get a separate feature during video calls. They will see a video grid and a list of users by splitting the screen. Also its screen portrait and landscape can be done. Desktop users will be able to share the screen of their choice. This means that during a group video call, users will be able to view the selected program instead of the entire screen.

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30 people can connect together

There will be a separate window for voice chat for desktop users to chat without skipping tasks. Telegram's video call can involve up to 30 people at once. The company had planned a video calling feature in April last year. CEO Pavel Durove had planned to launch it in May, but it has now been launched.

It also has a noise cancellation feature to improve the quality of audio during voice chats. Users can also turn off the noise cancellation feature. The surrounding sound can be heard from it.

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