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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Corona's anti-viral drug will hit the world by the end of the year, neutralizing the virus before it becomes seriously ill

 Corona's anti-viral drug will hit the world by the end of the year, neutralizing the virus before it becomes seriously ill

Research is currently underway around the world on vaccines and drugs to fight the Corona epidemic. Now the US has announced that it will provide 3. 3.2 billion, or about Rs 23,000 crore, for the Covid-19 drug. This was announced by the top expert on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauchi has done.

If the United States succeeds in developing this drug, the treatment of corona virus infection will be much easier. It will also be the world's first effective drug against corona virus. Last year, the United States spent 18 18 billion on the corona vaccine.

The drug will inactivate the virus just before you become seriously ill

Anthony Fouchi, an adviser to President Biden and one of America's top infectious disease experts, has announced billions of dollars in investment for the project. This money will speed up the clinical trial of drugs.

The drug will neutralize the virus just before a patient infected with the corona virus becomes seriously ill. If the trial is successful, it could be the first corona virus in the world by the end of this year.

Of the કરોડ 3.2 billion, 50 500 million is for research and development

Of the 3. 3.2 billion, કરોડ 500 million will be used for research and development, and એક 1 billion for pre-clinical trials and clinical trials, according to Fouchi. He said 70 700 million would be used to make the drug. In addition, અ 1 billion will be used to build a new anti-viral drug discovery center.

It is worth mentioning that many viruses like Hepatitis B and AIDS in the world can be treated with medicine.

So far there is no cure for corona virus

So far, however, there is no cure for the corona virus. Remedivisir is the only drug in America to combat corona. Its use has been approved in the treatment of patients with coronary infections. It also has to be given by injection.

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The new program will fill vacancies for drug research through the anti-viral program for pandemic. Fouchi said they look forward to the day when a person becomes infected with the corona and can go to the medical store immediately to buy medicine. Many drugs are currently being tested in the world, including one Pfizer drug.

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