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Saturday, 26 June 2021

5G testing found speeds of over 1GB / sec, 3 million active users of Geo Fiber; The advantage of the cheapest plan

 5G testing found speeds of over 1GB / sec, 3 million active users of Geo Fiber; The advantage of the cheapest plan

The 44th AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Reliance Industries was held. The meeting was virtual for the second time in a row due to Corona. Meanwhile, Chairman Mukesh Ambani expressed confidence that Reliance Jio would launch 5G in the country.

Reliance Jio has developed the most modern and most distinct 5G technology, a major achievement for wireless broadband. Mukesh Ambani said that in 5G testing, Geo has achieved a speed of more than 1GB / sec. Mukesh Ambani has delivered Geo's 'Made in India' solution globally.

Work is fast on 5G connectivity

Most recently companies were given spectrum for 5G testing in the country. Geo has started testing 5G technology in many cities, including Delhi and Mumbai. Geo has done the first network installation of 5G with the help of data sensors spread across the country. At the same time, due to Reliance Jio's strong network architecture, 4G can be easily converted to 5G.

5G network will help in healthcare

Mukesh Ambani said the company is developing 5G tools with a partner to develop end-to-end 5G ecosystems. This will make it easier to create good applications for healthcare, education, entertainment, retail and the economy. The latest example is the 5G connected ambulance developed by Reliance Jio in association with Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital.

Geo AI from 5G network

Geo is trying to make India a global hub for 5G exports. Geo's 5G solution will be shipped worldwide after its success in India. Geo has now become an expert in industries such as 5G to AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) and blockchain.

Achievement of Geo Fiber

The company has installed Geo Fiber in 20 lakh places in the last 2 years. It has active users in 30 lakh households. With this, Geo has become the largest and fastest broadband operator in India.

Comparison of Geo Fiber with other company

Geo Fiber Broadband Plan

This Rs 699 a month plan offers unlimited calling with speeds of 100MB / sec.

Tata Sky's plan

Tata's plan is Rs 251 more expensive than Reliance's. The plan is for Rs 950. It also has unlimited calling with speeds of 100MB / sec.


Airtel's plan is Rs 100 more expensive than Geo Fiber. The one-month plan costs Rs 799. Airtel's plan offers unlimited calling with speeds of 100MB / sec.

BSNL's plan

State-owned BSNL and Airtel have similar plans and speeds. Its one-month plan costs Rs 799. It also has unlimited calling with a speed of 100MB / sec.

Google will be cloud based Geo 5G

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the new 5G partnership between Google Cloud and Geo will provide fast internet to more than 1 billion Indians. With Google's technology, Reliance's retail business will be able to meet customer demand.

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Sundar Pichai said that Google's state-of-the-art cutting edge technology will further support Geo's 5G solutions. At the same time, it will cater to the needs of other businesses like Reliance Jio's Retail, Jio Mart, Sawan and Jio Health.

Geo is currently the world's largest mobile data carrier handling 630 million GB of data per month. Data usage in the country has increased by 45% in just 1 year. It shows how fast India is moving towards digitization.

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