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Friday, 12 July 2019

TPEO (Taluka Primary Education Inspector ) RR Decor.

TPEO (Taluka Primary Education Inspector ) RR Decor.

No. GH/SII53PRE/112013/4484/K-In the exercise of the powers conferred by the movie to article 309 of the Constitution of India and in the super-session of all the rules made in this to beat the governor of the Gujarat hely makes the following rules to provide the regulating recruitment for the post of the Taluka Primary Education Officer Class Il in the Gujarat education Service under the Directorate of the Primary Education Gujarat State, namely. These rules may be called the Taluka Primary Education Officer Class II, under the Directorate of the Primary Education, Recruitment Rules, 2019. Appointment to the post of the Taluka Primary Education Officer Class I1, in the Gujarat: Education Service under the Directorate of the Primary Education, Gujarat State, shall be made either -

(A) By the promotion of a perion.  

Proved merit and the efficiency among the persons who have worked for not less than seven years in the cadre of the Assistant Education Inspector. Class III, in the subordinate Services of the Directorate of the Primary Education Gujarat have passed the departmental examination as may be prescribed by the Government, an have passed the qualifying examination for the computer knowledge in the accordance with the provisions of the Gujarat Civil Services Computer Competency Training and the Examination Rules, 2006.

Provided that where the appointing authority is satisfied that a person having the experience specified in the sub-clause above is not available for the promotion and that it is necessary in the public interest to fill up the post by the promotion event of a person having the experience for a lesser period; may be, for the reasons to be recorded in the writing promote such person who possesses the experience of a period at not less than two thirds of the period specified in sub clause () above, or

(B) By the direct selection.

The appointments by the promotion and by the direct selection shall be made in the ratio of 2:1, respectively .To be eligible for the appointment by the direct selection to the post mentioned in rute 2 a candidate shall be more than 42 years of age.

Provided that the upper apelin it may be relaxed in the labour of a candidate who is already in the service of the Government of Gujarat in the accordance with the provisions of the Gujarat Civil Services ,Classification and the Recruitment (General) Rules, 1967.

Bachelor's degree obtained from any of the vested income or under the State or any other educational institutions recognized as such or declared to be the deemed under the actions of the University Grants. Commission Act 1956, and a bachelor's degree in the Container any of the Tescher Fucial recognized by the National Council for the Teacher Education(NCTE).

Bachelor's degree in the special education obtained from any of the Teacher Educational Intentions recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (Rich, or completed two years certificate course or the Primary Teachers Certificate Diploma in Elementary Education (D.ELE) of the State Examination Board of Gujarat while many of the Teacher Educational Institutions recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education(NCTE) and

(C) Have about of five years of separate or combined experience of the administration in the Government Panchayat local Bodas/Grant in Aid/Non Grant-in-Aid, Primary School, Upper Primary School ,Secondary Education School , Higher Secondary Education School/D.ELEd. College, BEd College ,District Institute of Education and Training on the post which can be considered as equivalent to the post below the rank of the Head Teacher, Class II in the subordinate service of the Directorate of the Primary Education after taking the qualifications presented in the rule 4(B) above The candidate appointed either by the direct selection or by the promotion shall be required to undergo such training and pass the such examination as may be prescribed by the Government.

The candidate appointed by the direct selection shall be required to furnish a security and surety bond in such form for such amount and for such period as may be prescribed by the Government.

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