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Saturday, 20 July 2019

LIC Premium Will Be Filled This Way, So Many Benefits

LIC Premium Will Be Filled In This Way, So Many Benefits

Today, most people are dependent on the insurance company, Alicia (Life Insurance Company). If you have the country's largest insurer LIC's policy then this news is important to you. Online Pant Gateway is the first initiative of LIC. Today we will give you information about the benefits of paying online premiums in LIC.

Anytime from the Internet, you can fill a premium anywhere in 24 hours, 24 hours a week. You can give premium related instructions without going to the LIC office. You will be able to survive in the laboratory and save time to pay the premium.

Which day premiums are debited from your account.

You can already make a decision about this. However, between times you can change your decision. In addition, you will receive an alert and alert message from banks and services providers via email.

Mail and courier expenses can be saved to send the sum to LIC. To send a premium out of the city, you can avoid the cost of making a demand draft - pay order.

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